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Default Re: Anybody fished Mill Creek or Roubidoux Creek lately

if by "lately" u would include last fall, then the answer is yes. but i think i can help...

a blue ribbon section means the habitat is good for natural reproduction, so little to no trout stocking goes on there. thus, trout populations r usually lower and the trout r mostly wild...which means they r wary and more spread out than trout park trout like u find at meramec and bennett (incl right below the parks). red ribbon sections r generally only stocked once/year or so. these fish also take on more "wild trout" attributes fairly quickly.

u have to hunt for them and do it pretty stealthily. and when u catch 1 or 2 n a hole or riffle, u prob won't catch any more there. it's time to move on and hunt some more. this is REAL trout fishing. clear, shallow water means they will see and hear u coming pretty easily. that's why u have to b stealthy. it's far superior to move from downstream to upstream if possible...especially if u r wading.

roubidoux is a mixed bag of trout, bass, and sunfish. fish it with lightly weighted or unweighted streamers. fish the potholes between grassy areas, along deeper spots near banks, n shaded areas, and near structure. try the outlet from the city water treatment plant. that's always a sure thing. lol the fishing is generally better the closer u get to the confluence w/the river.

mill creek is really just recovering and doesn't fish well for trout except during the late fall, winter, and early spring. it is truly all wild trout, and it is challenging. water levels there r very much key to fishing success. too much or too little and ur screwed.
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