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Default Re: Reel recommendations

Thanks, everyone, for the suggestions! I actually have a Ross Gunnison G4, but I'm worried it wouldn't hold enough backing with a 10wt line. I saw the Allen reel and, yes, it looks like a great deal, and the reviews I've seen are pretty impressive, particularly considering the price. But it's still more than I can swing at this point. I thought about the old Medalists, too, but again, I'm worried about the amount of backing the reel would hold.
But that brings up another question: Has anyone tried using the newer braided fishing lines as backing? I would want to use a heavy enough line to avoid the coils getting buried and tangled, but I would think you could find a diameter that would prevent this, yet a smaller diameter than 30# dacron (or even 20#), thereby allowing an increased yardage of backing with the added advantage of it being an appreciably heavier test.
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