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Default Re: Green river trip report

Originally Posted by shortyb View Post
So I finally made it out to do some fishing with a buddy of mine from CO, normally we goto the horn cause it's closer for me. Since we fished it in March, he talked me into going to Green river, UT. So we planned for 2 days of floats, but I worked the morning and left Sunday night made it from Red Lodge, MT to Dutch John, UT in 7 hours. With clear roads the whole way.

I talked my wife into letting my dad baby sit our daughter and joining us. We had planned to hook up with some friends that live there but turns out they were in Colorado that week. Which was actually kinda nice, we were told about a free campsite that is very very secluded. With some great views of the area.
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Since I left early we had 3 days to float, and I'm glad I had that extra day. Day 1 we went for A section, river was busy for a Monday. While we missed the cicada hatch by a week, fish were still taking yellow sallies and the like. Lost my first fish, but about 7 mins later hooked a nice Brown. I cannot express how fun the takes were, I am used to clear water, but there was something about the clarity of this river. Nothing like watching a fish take your fly. The day ended with me missing or quick releasing more than I landed, but nothing wrong with that. All browns, with a little rainbow.
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Day 2 we floated B section, my buddy had never floated this section of the river we didn't know what to expect. One great float, scenery was spot on. Fishing was ok, we had a group of 4 metal hucking kick boats that really screwed with us most the day. I did have a few good takes all browns again.
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Day 3 we got lazy and spent the morning at the resort. Great food and a nice fly shop, had the best eggs Benedict ever here. Unlike the first 2 days of clouds and light rains, this was a hot one. We just did A section again, later in the day to catch the high flows in the evening. That and the shuttle for B C is a very long one. Fishing was ok we did some nymphing caught a few nice rainbows. I have been learning to row here and there, so I got on the oars for most the day. I really started getting the hang of rowing drifts and reading water better. Actually proud of my self I did the last 3 miles around the rock fields and all right up to the take out.

I really enjoyed my self, my wife did to. So I see us making the trip again some time soon. Waiting on more pics I'll post them soon. As well as get on a pc and upload bigger ones.Click the image to open in full size.

Fin - B
Did you row the mother in law rapid ? I am new on the sticks myself. We did the dream vacation this summer and I rowed the Yellowstone, Madison, Box Canyon of Henrys Fork and the Snake. On the way home we stumbled across the Green and did section A. The mother in law was the most challenging, but we made it no problem. There was a red canoe wrapped around the big rock next to the cliff face when we went through. I read later that it was a major boat eater. I was rowing a new 16 ft LP clackacraft. Felt like I learned alot and am at least competent on the sticks.
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