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Default Which of these 3 States?

I am in the Southwest currently and misplaced here from the Upper Midwest! I drastically miss my four season, my quality and variety of fishing and waterfowl hunting. There are three states right now that I am contemplating for a potential move (four actually, but the fiance has ruled out going back to the upper midwest) and each location MUST have variety and quality in terms of fishing.

I do enjoy Trout fishing, however, it is number 4, 5 or 6 on the list. I LOVE pursuing Smallmouth, Pike, Muskie, Kings and Steelhead and I LOVE winter fishing. I know each location will not offer all of these species and I am OK with that. If I had to narrow it down to two of these species, as I know Trout will be readily available in all three locations, it would have to be Smallmouth and Steelhead.

The three areas that we are looking into are central Colorado, central Oregon or western Montana. All three locations seem to be very similar in terms of what we are looking for (hiking, biking, camping, four seasons, etc.). Based on fishing alone, what do you all have to add?
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