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Default Re: Thinning out the chest

Way to go! I have been helped out more times then I can count by fellow outdoorsmen (folks). Everything from advice, to loaners, to getting towed out, to free gear when I was coming along. Heck, here on this board I got a load of free stuff from Kayo when I asked for a good source of flytying materials. The unspoken rule is you pay it forward. It could save your life.

Here's a true story to illustrate. (This was in the early nineties, pre-cell phone, at least for me). It was a cold wet (constant drizzle, about 40 degrees in East Central Texas) day. I had gone to a WMA wood duck hunting and gotten my truck righteously stuck. There were oil rigs on the property and when you went to dig under the tires to place brush for traction, the mud was so thick, you couldn't fling it off. It would just stick. You had to scrape each shovel full off with your foot. I'd forgotten my come along and after two hours of inching forward I said screw it. I walked 5 miles to the (barely) two lane road, then started the twenty odd mile walk to town (if you call Dime Box, Texas a town).

It was getting dark and colder, I was drenched with sweat down to my skivvies, my goretex was covered with mud inside and out, and my thermometer on my pack was reading 35 degrees. I hadn't eaten in six hours and had drunk all my water. Shat was getting serious.

At this point, a pick up pulled in. I jumped in the road and waved looking like the swamp thing, or at least a stunt double on Duck Dynasty. Despite all notions of sanity, the driver pulled over, cracked a window and asked if I needed help. I explained, and she let me in the bed and drove me to town. I will never forget that, and have always offered my truck bed or any other help I can give to a fellow outdoorsman. Pay it forward is the way to go. You never know when you'll need to collect, and its best to have those karmic points racked up when the need arises. At the very least, you'll have inspired someone to help out a fellow fisher person.

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