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Default Re: Anyone ever deal with newtyer1

I'm pretty new and posted a want to buy ad. Glad I was able to do that. I ended up completing two transactions. I don't have enough gear to need to worry about selling yet but is hate to see posting restrictions. As long as people use PayPal and common sense i.e. doing a normal PayPal transaction for goods and services and not "gifting" the money to avoid fees they have some recourse through PayPal for outright fraud. I see on other forums people suggest to "gift"the money all the time. That's a really bad idea unless you know the person well. And its sort of cheating PayPal out of there small fee.

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The pentax camera forum has a very good feedback system. The admins should look at that. Buyers and sellers can get feedback for every transaction and everybody has access to look at it.
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