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Default Re: Entomology and the Angler - Free Seminar by 'The Bug Guy' - Metro Denver Aug. 27

Thanks for looking! We're expecting a good turnout.

You're probably wondering why is this at a library and not a flyshop? Well, things are changing, especially with the Adams County Rangeview district. The Anythink idea is actually a privatization effort to help revitalize the library experience for patrons of all ages. The efforts have proven to be not only groundbreaking, but a model for libraries globally.

My wife is part of this great organization, and we have started to put together an adult program all about fishing in Colorado. Back in April, we kicked off with the first of many forthcoming seminars about the sport. This is the second installment, with Robert coming in and sharing his knowledge - for free - with all of you.

So please, get the word out!

Thank you
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