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Default Why strip strike?

Hi -- this is not an argument against such a commonly advised method of hooking a fish. I'm just curious about the mechanics of it.

Is the idea that strip striking a fish moves the fly more horizontally through the water than a "rod up" bass strike? I've tried strip striking some of the panfish and bass, crappie with my lighter rods and I have trouble getting hook ups sometimes. Not a lot mind you, just more problem than it seems like I have "coming tight" with the rod...not really a hard strike, just a "pull up" if that makes sense.

Should I practice this technique on all my fish? Is it useful for ALL fish species, or just when stripping streamers (which is common in a lot of SW fishing)?

What about rod striking low and to the side -- does that accomplish the same thing?

Just curious to get the real answer here. I like to understand things before I invest my time in learning them .
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