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Default Re: Casting in no wind.

Originally Posted by krikau27 View Post
Just so I'm sure that you understand. I don't have the wind coming directly in my back, but at an angle across my body.
But this still seems to suggest the wind is quartering over your left shoulder and is helping propel the cast.

I try to have a high back cast and a level or higher forward cast.
A higher forward cast is good when the wind can help propel the cast. I also have an image of the backcast being high and the forecast being high so the movement of the rod tip is a smile. This will lead to tailing loops for sure. And with no wind to help propel the line forward, the line might fall in a heap.
The best cast, especially with no wind is a straight line cast - either perfectly horizontal, or with the backcast a little higher and the forecast a little lower - but either way the rod top moves in a straight line.

Short cast - more compact stroke almost only using elbow, up, drift back and down.
This confuses me - I understand drifting back (if you mean behind you), but NOT down, unless the wind is coming from behind. Such a back stroke will just lead to an open loop on the forestroke.

Let's keep clarifying and get this one sorted.

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