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Default Re: Why strip strike?

After 30+ years of fly fishing I used the strip strike for the first time while striper fishing. If nothing else I really enjoyed the exhilaration of the immediate connection to the fish. Where as with a lift of the rod I do not get that. I also found reaction time was much quicker, because when swinging streamers I felt the bite. I didn't address the machanical reasons for it, because others have already. I will say this I found it quite easy to strip strike several times if I didn't feel confident in the initial strip strike and have never been able to do so with a lift.

In situations where a lift is the right action I don't strike you see the guys do in bass tournaments I just deliberately lift the rod in a smoth motion.

When Tight Line/"Czech" nymphing I do a short quick down stream wrist snap.
-Tom Wilson
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