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Default Re: St. Croix Spey/Large Arbor Fly Reel LFR910G

Hey, thanks jmuehl and smarty140 for the responses.

Who'd of thunk this reel was such a Its like farting in a croweded elevator....Who dun it? was tough but managed to find some stuff while I was 'whoring around' looking at other forums sites. Mostly, it is hard to find info....but below, here is one good report I found. Other snippets I found that ellude to the reel suggest good things indeed but the below is a the most comprehensive report.

"It's a little pricier than some others but it has a lifetime garauntee and for my money it is the best reel available: St. Croix Legend LFR 910G. Killer drag, saltwater friendly, beautifully balanced and it sings like pavarotti! It's 230 which is a little more towards mid ranged rather than budget priced but you will thank yourself the first time you hook into a hot wild coho or other such prize."

I also found that this reel is actually designed and built in England by XXX (forgot the name) company which maintains its own line of high quality reels.

jmuehl...yeah, you're right...backing can fill the reel. I was more concerned about balance by way of visuals and 'clunky-ness' (aka too large of a reel). From snippets of info I am finding, this thing is LIGHT and strong so balance is less an issue...and I suppose, I'll deal with the size IF that is an issue in the end.

Thanks for the suggestion, smarty140, to contact St. Croix. I did that earlier when I first found and lost another of these reels (it sold) ...then again earlier this week. NO response either time....bad business...which I suppose may not bode well IF I have issues with the reel later. That said, it does have a lifetime warranty...and while the is likely a limited (original purchaser) warranty, at least there's a place to get it repaired.

Invariably, I am now in discussions with the guy selling it...and arranging time to pick it up (looking like tomorrrow). Pulling the pin THIS time. And, considering, as in the quote, the reel retails around $230-290....and I getting it for under 100....I'm feeling pretty good about myself right now.....HAH

King Joe Outa Here!

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