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Default Re: Scientific Anglers L2L

Your reply really has me confused. If you use the L2L ReConnect, there won't be any knot between the line and leader; that's where the L2L goes. Did you mean the knot used to hang up, before you put on the L2L?

What style guides do you have? Traditional "S" shaped snake guides, or single foot guides with a complete circle for the guide? I've only used the traditional style, and though I can feel a slight "tick" when the leader (either L2L on my 4 weight or the blood lnot on other lines) goes through the guides, but it doesn't hang up unless I'm being lazy and pulling the line out with my left hand while holding the rod handle in my right. If I set the reel end on the ground and reach up, I can free the line no problem. When pulling in a fish, I've never had it hang up.
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