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Default Re: Gators on the Fly!

Originally Posted by brookfieldangler View Post
I have had enough experience with stray animals and know that feeding them only keeps them coming back so I didn't give the fish to him despite my desire to see if my theory was right. In the end, that was probably the right move since he could have been destroyed if he became to comfortable around people.

The problem is that you don't know whether some fool has already been feeding the gator. Since so many people do, you have to use caution around any gator you see.

I really don't know why Florida considered it so important to restore the gator population. When I was a kid, gators were around but weren't really a problem. I grew up swimming in the local lakes and never worried about an attack, but now it's a serious possibility.

Last I knew, and this was several years back, Florida had one gator for every twelve humans in the state. That's just way, way too many.

Jesus said, "Go fishing!" (Luke 5:4). He said nothing about monthly reports, budgets, cost variances, manpower planning, or orders forecasts.
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