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Default TFO BVK or Mangrove?

Hello all, new to the forum.

I am looking to get an 8-9 weight salt setup in the fall. I have been fly fishing for about 2 years now, always freshwater in the past. I live in Texas and recently discovered inshore fishing on the flats! My cousin owns a boat and goes down to the coast pretty often so I have a built in fishing buddy.

Anyhow, I consider myself still a novice caster, I can handle the basic cast and roll cast, I've also started double hauling in the back yard but don't have it perfected yet.

I'm looking for a rod to use on the flats, fishing for reds/trout mainly. I doubt I would do any blue water fishing. I was pretty well set on the BVK in an 8 or 9 weight but then I saw they came out with the new Mangrove series that is specifically designed for the flats.

Any thoughts on which rod and whether to get an 8 or 9 weight? I am planning to match it with an Orvis Helios reel. Thanks in advance for the advice.
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