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Default Re: Scientific Anglers L2L

Jakeway,Let me start over and try to clarify myself.This is my first fly fishing rod and reel. It's a 4 piece 4wt 8'-0" Winston Vapor with traditional S shaped snake guides. On my first set up I tried the looped connection that came with my Scientific Anglers Headstart WF-F fly line. It had a loop at the end and was connected to a leader with a loop. All excited with my new found sport and gear, I set out to a local lake with a bait fishing buddy of mine. I was hoping to sway him into fly fishing after I raked in fish after fish. Regrettably this did not quite happen. What did happen was me being tormented all day with both a hinging and a hang up issue. The day after this I went back to the pro shop I bought my gear from and told them of my problems. One of the guys from the pro shop cut off the loop and tied a knotted connection from the fly line to leader for me. He told me the knot he was tying was called a blood knot and showed me how to tie one on. I thanked him for his help and went this weekend to give it a try at a local stream. The hinging issue was solved, but I was still having a hang up issue on the 2nd and 3rd guides. So, I cut off the fly line as close to the knot the pro shop did for me as possible and gave my 6x L2L connection a try. The X L2L connection gave me the worst hang up of the three. The L2L had to be really forced through the 2nd and 3rd guides.
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