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Default Re: Today's carp report

Hybrid or San Juan my experience when they are feeding on clams they usually sort of cruise along until they smell some clams. Carp have an incredible sense of smell. Once located, they dig em out and crush em. The issue is being able to visually imitate a clam. I have tried patterns with shells, but I think when carp are using visual cues, they often are looking for the extended foot of a clam, hence the San Juan and the tail on the hybrid. The beauty of the hybrid is when still, it could be taken for the foot of a clam, but when dropping or moving it looks like a nymph. Carp that dig clams out of the bottom are really used to seeing and eating escaping nymphs.

Other that I would say downsize. People often point to backstabbers and larger crayfish flies or buggers for carp, but I fish really small stuff. They gaper size 8s are about a size 12 scud hook in actual size. I would fish a small backstabber or just a generic nymph pattern in a 10 or 12 (on a stout hook). They don't always want meat or crayfish, but they will nearly always take a well placed nymph.

And the sometimes they just won't eat anything. Hah...
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