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Default Re: Sage Xi3 rods

I have the xi3 in 8, 10, and 12. All three rods are rigged with rio outbound shorts in the same size as the rods. Use the 12 for big's a cannon.
Use the 10 for permit and tarpon...also a cannon and will handle 90% of your tarpon. I got the eight weight specifically cause my BVK kept breaking. I fish it for bones, reds, and stripers. Much tougher than the BVK. Casts great with the wf8f..but when I put on a sink tip or intermediate line it's tough to cast. If everything s right it's a cannon...if not it dumps the line.
On all these need to be an aggressive caster. Double haul like mad and they cast a country mile. Now for an easy casting 8 weight..the BVK can't be beat.
Now for the 11 weight.......the 10 will do almost everything the 11 will do and be a lot pleasanter on the body.I'd get a 10 without question.
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