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Default Any sage VXP users here?

So over the years I have owned and fished many 9' 5 weight "all-rounder" rods, after many rediculous and frustrating rod purchases I have settled on the sage VXP 9' 5 weight and absolutely adore this stick from craftsmanship to raw performance in nymphing, dry fly, soft hackle swing, streamer stripping to single hand spey and roll casting, this rod does it all for me and does it better then any other rod I've owned. I'm wondering what lines some of you may have used and loved the most on this rod? Currently I use a #5 sci-angler GPX taper and its a great match, however this line has cracked and broken down on me twice. I'm on my second GPX with this rod and the taper is great but the material isn't impressing me. Some folks enjoy the rio-grand, I haven't yet tried this line, apparently it has a power taper, as opposed to a "standard" weight forward (One front taper, One belly, One rear taper). For my spey rods I use Airflo lines exclusevly because A, thier tapers are my favorite, and B, thier lines are PVC free, no liquids in the line making process with airflo. However, I've never used any of thier single hand line tapers, anyone have experience with them on this rod?

Also, I'm curious if any of you over-line this rod to a #6 line, does that work nicely for you? if so which line? I understand that the GPX and rio Grand are both heavy lines, neither of them are true to thier line weight. The GPX is advertised as a half-line size heavier and the rio grand is advertised as a whole line size heavier. However, it turns out the GPX is heavier in terms of grain weight than the rio grand, so that in and of itself is very interesting. Either way, have any of you gone to a #6 GPX or rio grand? I've heard they work nicely on this rod, any insight?

Anyone who has experience with the sage VXP, and uses a line other than the #5 GPX, your input and story would be greatly appreciated! tight lines fellas!
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