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Default Re: Newbie: Budget lines, half-weight lines, off-brands, etc.

Thanks for the info guys. Basically, what I am trying to get at here is that there ARE options out there that will perform as well as the higher dollar lines but may not last as long (or sometimes longer). I am a person that does my research (an inherent nature) and looks for the best bang for the buck. This weekend I tested out my new reel with the Cabela's Prestige Premiere line and it cast very well, tip did not sink and did everything I asked it to. For the $39.99 I got it for I am impressed and will attempt to take care of the line so that it lasts.

The other purpose was to see that if a line is taken care of, whether expensive or not, it CAN last for quite some time. This then shows that there is no standard interval to replacing lines (i.e. like car tires that have a specific mileage warranty).
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