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Default Re: Newbie: Budget lines, half-weight lines, off-brands, etc.

Originally Posted by itchmesir View Post
When talking budget fly line I think anything I can get for about $25 and under... $43.. not so budget minded more just middle of the road. Who makes their fly lines anyone know?
Right... their compass fly line (or whatever their other one is) would fall into that range. Now sales items are always awesome (like I said, got the Cabela's Prestige Premiere for $39.99 on sale which I believe is the Cortland 444SL) but that is something that is not the norm, with the exception of somewhere like SierraTradingPost.

So to put a standard "monetary" number to this "budget line" let's call that anything that is standard under $30, or at least can easily be found under that price. (And I am using Full Float, Weight Forward, Freshwater, 5wt as my search)

From what I have found so far, that would include:
- Hook N Hackle Classic High Float @ $25
- Cortland 333 "Rocket Taper" @~$30 (found for anywhere from $25 to $31)
- Allen Fishing Compass @ $30
- Iridieus Trout Series Trout Bum @ $19 (ebay line)
- Scientific Anglers Aircel @ $28

I know there are others out there but that is just a "starter" list.
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