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Default Newb to switch rod and forum

I already posted this question in general discussion but realize I should have put it here where it would be seen buy people who could better and ire my questions ....So here's my question

I recently got a 11'7wt switch rod for my birth day and love it and am frustrated by it ... I currently have 7wt wf on it and I can cast the entire 85' over hand no problem but I can dot execute a half decent roll cast !!! I can easily do a longer roll cast with my 9' 5wt !!
I feel that I'm not getting enough load on the rod to achieve a a good roll cast ...

Another member here sent me a link to rio's site and if I'm reading the chart recommends that be up sized 2 wt's for traditional line .. Does that sound right ??

I'm sure I will get this question so I am fishing for salmon ,stealhead , bass , pike and carp with this rod in water from 16" deep fast water to 30 ' deep reservoirs and small lakes ..

I also know that I will need 3-4 spool do different lines to best fish each scenario but for right now I want to get a good wf that will be my go to for general use that I can turn over big stealhead streamers , use a indicator with nymphs and egg beads ,and add a sink tip but I already bought one line that I'm not happy with and I don't want to buy a whole bunch more of lines till I find the right wt for the rod ... I can't afford that!!

So re cap ... Am I understanding the rio line chart correctly that I should be using a traditional 9wt wf on my 7wt switch rod???

And what brand and model would be good for someone new to switch rods and affordable ??

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