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I'll go back to your orig. post and see 'What's what.'


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Originally Posted by w_boughner View Post
I already posted this question in general discussion but realize I should have put it here where it would be seen buy people who could better and ire my questions ....So here's my question

I recently got a 11'7wt switch rod for my birth day and love it and am frustrated by it ... I currently have 7wt wf on it and I can cast the entire 85' over hand no problem but I can dot execute a half decent roll cast !!! I can easily do a longer roll cast with my 9' 5wt !!
I feel that I'm not getting enough load on the rod to achieve a a good roll cast ...

What kind of line are you using on the rod? By your 'over-hand cast' comment my first take is its not a line designed for a spey rod. Next question is what rod so I can look up the recommended grain weight (range) recommendations.

Another member here sent me a link to rio's site and if I'm reading the chart recommends that be up sized 2 wt's for traditional line .. Does that sound right ?? The 'up two' is the general recommendation, but even that's on the light side. Your comment here suggests my guess about you using a 1hander line is probably correct.. You want to 'drop the dime' and get a 'real' spey line. With these short rods my recommendation is a Scandi head as you can cast a full on leader or light tips (not the 15 footer!)

I'm sure I will get this question so I am fishing for salmon ,stealhead , bass , pike and carp with this rod in water from 16" deep fast water to 30 ' deep reservoirs and small lakes .. With this range of water the Scandi head would again be my choice. Flull floating leader for the shallow stuff and a light tip (RIO calls them Spey Versileader/Airflo also makes them but can't recall what they call them) for the deeper.

I also know that I will need 3-4 spool do different lines to best fish each scenario but for right now I want to get a good wf that will be my go to for general use that I can turn over big stealhead streamers , (With a short switch you will be limited (rod weight dependent) on the size/weight of the fly you may really be able to pick up off/out of the water so don't get your hopes up. If you do want/need a large fly make/purchase those that are ALL MAN MADE MATERIALS, NATURAL MATERIALS will hold a hell of a lot of water when they're wet. Not a good thing on a short rod.) use a indicator with nymphs and egg beads ,and add a sink tip (Again, you want to use a RIO TYPE "Spey Versileader, skip the idea of using an indicator, save for the very smallest they'll just screw up a regular spey cast and they're a pain in the butt to pull out of the water even for an 'over hand' cast. Think 'dragging a bucket through the water as you try to pick up the line.) but I already bought one line that I'm not happy with and I don't want to buy a whole bunch more of lines till I find the right wt for the rod ... I can't afford that!! To solve that 'problem' contact Steve Godshall here in my area (through Bob Meizer for a direct phone number-they have their shops in the same facility), he also posts on occasion as "SGS." Have him build a Scandi head AND a separate shooting line. Won't cost you a penny more than some thing off the shelf. Why both and not just one? Easy ... you want a different head on the line you just take the head off and put on another.

So re cap ... Am I understanding the rio line chart correctly that I should be using a traditional 9wt wf on my 7wt switch rod??? NO!! The two types of lines have completely different design configurations.

And what brand and model would be good for someone new to switch rods and affordable ?? Get one from Steve! Nothing against RIO/Airflo but I've been shifting over to Steve's custom cuts over the past few years and I'd say 75% of my rods have one of his lines. Each is a 'one off' for the rod, the caster, the fishing conditions, type of fish, etc., Just "Trust me on this one."
Hope some of all that helps.


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One other thought: If you get more than one 'head' to swap out take a 'freezer' type zip lock bag (they've got a white panel you can write on) and mark down the 'head info.' Another 'Just trust me on this,' even if they're different colours you'll never remember. With the notations, just a glance will tell you what you're looking at.....

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