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What rod companies honor the warranty on a second-hand purchased rod?

I have never seen anyone break their rod on purpose...except to make it fit into the garbage can. I'm sure there are people that do. Just like there are people that abuse any good thing.

Without a warranty, a manufacturer isn't held accountable for the quality of the product they produce. If a bad one slips through to the consumer, no big deal. Blame the consumer and make him eat it. There is a breaking point where they can no longer get away with that behavior but I don't trust manufacturers to just be trusted to do the right thing any more than I do the consumer. If you charge people for the best and want lots of money for it, prove it. Stand behind your product.

I don't believe warranties drive the cost of rods up, I think the high price charged for rods necessitates warranties. Of course, maybe I am just an idiot and don't know what I am talking about.
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