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Default Re: Reds in Louisiana

Originally Posted by troutn View Post
Thinking about doing it alone. Any suggestions?

Just be careful if you don't have experience down there, dirty/shallow water can be dangerous...

I would make sure to have a radio/sat phone to ensure you can call for help should you run aground. The areas I fish down there, if you didn't know exactly where you were going, you could get in trouble pretty quick. There are underwater pipes which oil and gas flow through all over down there in some areas and at lower tides, while you cannot see them and they are not marked, you can hit them with the boat...

Also, some areas down there, the marsh is literally private property and patrolled by security, even the surface of the water, these are areas which were once land and have become marsh/water as the land is washed away. So if you see huge signs stating private property keep out on water channels, they are for real...

It is the only place I have ever been where I think even if you are an excellent angler, a guide who knows the area is almost mandatory...

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