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Default Re: Experiences with a Pflueger Trion series rod

Thanks for the replies. The price of the St. Croix is double the price of the Pflueger which I am fine with as it does include a carrying case (although the store says it is just el cheapo plastic and not really suitable for anything but keeping the rod in a closet) and it definitely has the better warranty.

The one thing I am not too happy about is the only St. Croix available to me locally is the 4 piece model. Which I don't see as a plus like some would. I am a great believer in the old adage the more pieces the less sensitive the rod. Now, If I was planning on backpacking it might interest me but my sleeping on the ground out in the bush days are long past.... So in short 4 pieces in my mind equals only 2 more pieces to have problems with by breaking them or even worse losing one of them LOL.

I guess I will have to seriously think about risking ordering something I haven't actually held in my hands online to get what I want. The sad part is that will end up costing me about 25% more than buying locally for either the Pflueger or the 2 piece St. Croix.
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