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Default Re: Finally hooked my first carp!!!!


No carp to report on here: I managed to hook onto one last week and for the first time was able to see an aggressive carp chase the fly and eat it.

The three hook ups before this one I'm talking about were different; the bites were all pretty heavy and immediate.

The one I hooked onto last week was such a subtle bite that it reminded me of hooking onto flounder (or fluke???) out in saltwater.

if I had not been able to see it chase the fly, I probably would not have been able to set the hook. sadly, it took off after about 30 seconds.

I'm sad to say that the tournament I entered in is over on Saturday and due to my work schedule (back to school) I won't be able to try and hook onto any in the last couple of days leading up to the deadline. Oh well, it's been one hell of a summer chasing these fish and have made me a much better fly fisher (or so I'd like to think)

tight lines,
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