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Default Re: St. Augustine Beginner


I too am from St. Augustine! Went to RB Hunt ! Great to hear you have a flyrod, too bad there is little in the way of educational info for you locally. I too got a rod combo and taught myself. Just keep at it and things will come around. It'll mean a lot more to you if you do it yourself. Only thing I would say is to get a 7 or 8 wt rod so that you can go out to the island or Flagler beach and cast from the shore. Before my family moved I would fish from the shore and from the sand bar. Casting with the wind is tough but do-able. Oh, and get a fly tying vise, saltwater flies are easy to tie but expensive to buy. Also, I fish for panfish with nymphs or wet flies on a slow strip back to me. Cast, count down, strip back. Poppers work great for certain times of the year, but nymphs and streamers are almost year round.
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