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Default Re: How to fish a hopper, and some rigging questions

Originally Posted by nicknick222 View Post
The difference between the powerflex and the fluoroflex is that the fluoroflex is a fluorocarbon while the powerflex is monofilament. For all intents and purposes at the beginning level there isnt a whole lot of difference between the two given they are the same diameter. Some of the advantages of fluorocarbon that help to justify the extra cost are that one, it is slightly more abrasion resistant, it is invisible in water because the refractive properties of fluorocarbon match water and will sink. Mono will be slightly more limp however and it will float which can make it better for dries while the fluoro will be invisible and sink making it better for nymphing generally. Obviously there are other factors but that should cover the basics.

Also, as far as the adjustment of the indicator and weight. Its a good idea to keep indicator length about 1.5-2x the water depth you are fishing from the indicator to the weight. And dont be afraid to keep changing the depth! Then space the weight about 12-18 inches above the point fly and the dropper around 12-18 behind that. Just a general nymph rig that you can toy with and adjust to your waters!
Awesome, that's pretty much what I remember the guide explaining about the setup we were using it's just been awhile since that trip and I wanted to make sure what I was thinking was on the right track.

Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
I deleted my original post. It was late last night and I started to reply but then I couldn't take the time. Normally I would.

Let me try to help you in the gentlest way I can.

First off you are asking really basic questions such as the difference between fluoro and mono, how to rig and fish a hopper/ dropper, etc; and yet you say "you've read a lot." I suspect by that you mean you've read a lot of short pieces on the internet, but not really a book that covers the basics of fly fishing.

So my first suggestion is to go to the library and look at books under fly fishing to see if there is a good one you that covers the basics. You need a logical framework to organize the small snippers of information you have been reading.

My second comment is that you wasted a lot of time with the guide and it was not the guide's fault. Whenever you hire a guide or someone takes you fishing, there are two words that need to be on your mind. They are "HOW?" and WHY".

When the guide rigged the indicators and flies you should have asked "How are you doing that" and Why, as in Why is the indicator up 4 feet from the bottom fly. Why are the flies "X" inches apart. Why did you use the fly X for the top fly and fly Z for the bottom fly? Why did you have me cast there? How did you know to cast there? Why did you have me pick up there? Why did I have to mend? What other mends are there?

Why? How? What? The guide can not only show you how to fish but WHY he does what he does. You only need to ask. The next time you get a guide tell him right at the start that you want him/her to teach you how to do things for yourself and in fact you want to rig up your own flies and gear, and you want him/her to teach you how to find and rig up to find fish on your own.

I suggest you start with my FAQs I wrote for FF@.

Henry's faqs menu
Maybe I should have pointed this out in the original post, but I did ask these questions. Those trips being 3+ months ago I guess I was looking more for answers that would reassure what I had previously learned and that I was remembering things correctly. Things like mono vs fluoro was something that never really came up and we didn't use or talk about a hopper so it never crossed my mind to ask about them.

Originally Posted by double dry View Post
Check out the "mini rig" at flyfishersplaybook | "Fear No Water"

May answer a question or two.
It certainly does, but raises another one lol. So the way I have fished, and was shown how to rig is the dropper is attached to the hook rather than the eye to eye like is pictured. Is their an advantage of one over the other?
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