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Default Re: Little tricks to share

Originally Posted by flyguy66 View Post
dave whitlock taught me this 1, so i don't want to take credit:

it's sort of hard to explain without demonstrating though. say you're casting against a bank or up to a bush or tree that is emerging from or overhanging the water and you overshoot a bit and your fly hangs a limb, but the line doesn't wrap around it a bunch of's pretty much just dangling there. this happens quite a bit actually...especially when casting poppers, dries, hoppers, etc. near the bank.

do not yank! relax, and retrieve the fly line as slowly as possible until the fly simply scoots over the limb and plops into the water below. it works about 9 out of 10 times. oh...and be ready for a strike. it's a very realistic presentation when imitating terrestrials!
That tip reminded me of one of the largest (and funnest) browns I have ever caught on a little spring creek. The creek was small enough that I came across a spot that was overgrown on both sides by willow trees and they actually formed a complete arch over the water. It created a serene little corridor that completely ruled out a normal cast, a side arm cast or a roll cast. It just looked so darn fishy, that I had to get a presentation on it.

I figured about how much line I would need and stripped it off the reel. I coiled (made little "s" coils) in my left hand with the fly dangling about six inches out of the back of my clenched fist. I pulled that rod back to what I estimated to be the right poundage and flung the fly using a bow and arrow cast.

That humpy lit on the water ever so softly and floated for about 0.1 seconds before a 17"+ brown came shooting off the bottom of the river bed, hit that fly at full speed and came completely out of the water as it swallowed the humpy.

That is where my perfectly devised plan came to an end. I had forgot to plan out my hook set. I jerked my rod tip strait up and caught about four branches. Thankfully, the fish did not get loose while I extracted my rod tip from the willow arch.
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