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Default Casting dilemma

First post here. I am a newbie to fly fishing. This summer I thought I didn't have enough frustrating hobbies( golf, hunting dog, girlfriend)
So I decided I would try fly fishing.
I have been practicing in back yard w my
7'6" 3 wt ( almost everything I do is small creeks- smallmouth. Panfish....)

I can throw the yarn pretty accurately overhead and sidearm about 30-40 ft.
Dry flys not a problem.
Put me in my favorite creek and all is lost- rush cast, terrible loops- total spaz.
Fish are having a good laugh- I think the ones I catch are sympathy fish.

So today I am out at creek at a nice little pool that holds smallies most of the time. I start w a black # wooly bugger- no problems but no fish. I decide to use a white red streamer. I don't know what it was with this but all technique disappeared. Loops were open and awful, distance and accuracy gone.
Question is is there a diff technique to throwing streamers?
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