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Default Re: Experiences with a Pflueger Trion series rod

Steve- I will definitely keep your most generous offer in mind before I purchase a rod. I am just too busy right now to head to store than has a decent selection so I can actually handle some of the rods I hear great things about. The one store that has more than 3 rods around here carries only a couple of rods that are less than 150.00 bucks. The rest are over 250.00 which is more than I want to spend for something I will probably only use 5 to 10 times a year...

BTW the name Canuck2fan does not mean that I like the Canucks hockey team. I used that name when I raced online in a Nascar racing league to denote that I was Canadian or Canuck and a Rusty Wallace fan.....

The Stars are a great team and for a long time were a team I followed with interest due to the number of former players from my favorite team the Montreal Canadiens who played and managed in Dallas.
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