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Default Re: Poaching news, Ca style

I live in Riverside Ca, and to me these guys just got a slap on the wrist. They caught 238 fish and the fine was a total of $410. Is that between the four of them? They also have to do 30 days of hard labor?? So what this essentially means is that they will wind up picking up trash along the freeway. Three years of probation? yeah right... Something tells me that these four guys are laughing there rears off and are thumbing there noses again, only at some other lake. How about we sentence these guys to actual time in jail and some hefty fines. All this did was enforce the idea that crime does pay and that they will be out there again raping the resources of our state. Ohh and the can't have a fishing license or fish legally in the state again... They were not fishing legally to begin with, what makes anyone think that this will change?
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