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Default Re: How to find access points for rivers? Gunnison River Area

Google has been what I have been limited to for several years now. I live in Texas, so when I get to Colorado I usually have to spend time trying to find the best water in our area and then going through the process of finding out what they are feeding on. I enjoy this process very much, but was just looking for some tips on great places to start on each of these rivers.
I can Google and find 20+ places to fish on the Gunny, but having my butt kicked every time I fish that river isn't much fun. I will just start another thread about fishing that river specifically. Have caught nice fish on the Taylor and Ark, but was looking for best places to start or best access for fly fishermen. I have never fished the east so again, I will be spending a lot of time searching out the places that I have marked on a map that I have never seen in person. Was looking for some great places to start so we didn't have to spend a lot of time looking for good water and could just start on good water. Hope all that makes sense.
Thanks for the book recommendation. I will order a copy.
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