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Default New to spey casting...advice on Sage TCX--7126-4

AKA 'Death Star', picked it up for half price here in Norway for ocean trout fishing mainly. Sage TCX -7126-4 12'6....

So the thing is, I realize this is halfway between a proper spey-rod (15' or more) and a single, but the dude in the shop as I'm a complete newb to two hand rods, gave me a scandinavian shooting tip or whatever it's called. So yes it worked brilliantly overhand casting scandi-style, but no way in hell was I able to learn some spey casting!

Basically a 12-14m Guideline shooting intermediate sink/28g...which of course is fine casting overhead...but I maintain now fri"# way can you cast that properly in a single or double spey! I was pretty sure (as I'm desperately keen to learn the spey casts!) that you should have NO MORE than 1-1.5x your rod length of shooting head on the water, (i.e. not quite the 12m from the guy in the shop!), and about the same in leader.

Any thoughts? Have to be honest, got a bit cranky with my local fly-fishing guys there (I have taught spey-casting for 15 years, and yes it is perfectly fine to cast 12m of shooting head from a 12' rod, BS BS!!)...

Frankly I don't see how a 30+' flyine + 12' leader and ocean-trout fly is going to be cast spey (single or double) from a 12' rod! But then am again a complete newb! Just barely getting to grips with spey casting on my sage #6 zxl.....moral support appreciated here!
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