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Default Where to begin in CO?

I'm an incredibly raw newbie, although I do have a pretty good set of tools. I know that the standard advice to someone like me is "take a class". And I will . . . when they start getting offered (i.e., when people stop fishing and start tying). In the meantime, I'd like to try to get my hands busy.

My strategy has been to identify the top ten flies (suggested) for the Front Range of Colorado. I've queried lots of shops/sources and have the list. My question is which would be the best one to start learning on? I can find books and videos for all of them.

What do the learned tiers on this forum think? (The number in parentheses indicates the number of "votes" for most necessary fly in the region)

Parachute Adams (7)
Mercury Pheasant-tail (6)
RS2 (5)
Elk Hair Caddis (5)
BWO (Comparadun) (4)
Mercury Black Beauty (4)
San Juan Worm (4)
Bead Head Prince (4)
Copper John (4)
Woolly Bugger (4)


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