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Default Re: Martha's Vineyard fishing derby????

Rip, thanks for the link. I've always liked reading Tabory's work. I bought one of his books "Inshore Flyfishing" when I started flyfishing the salt (well at least brackish) in the middle 90's. That book has made me want to fish the surf up in New England since I got it. I still haven't had money and opportunity collide to make the trip.

I don't really support ending the commercial fishery. What I would really like to see in this area is much more stringent management of the Chesapeake and it's tributaries. By that I mean, the rockfish commercial harvest, oysters crabs,etc. Virginia finally stopped the inshore bunker boats a few years ago. The bycatch/kill of the big cows was really heavy. And so many of the bunker fish were killed before the spawn that their populations were decimated. The taking of allewives is outlawed finally.Their runs have been almost non exhistant locally in recent years. These are the main food sources for the rockfish coming up the Bay/tribs to spawn. With the main food sources lacking, the rockfish can't enter the spawn in as healthy condition as they should. They are also filters as are the oysters. This is not even touching the commercial poaching problem. That has gotten way worse in the last ten or so years. Sorry for the derail, maybe it should be a different thread.
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