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Default Re: Dumb question about drift boats

sorry i did not reply sooner, i have been moving over the past couple months. i need to change my member name, i have relocated to Boise, Idaho now.

as for the front mount hitch, i have done two vehicles DIY with only minor issues and challenges. the first was my 2000 F-150 pictured above, and the second my 2004 Ford E-350 van (converted a 15 passenger van to a redneck rv "van down by the river").

in both cases, i was able to find a front mount "standard" receiver hitch to fit each vehicle made by Curt Hitches. they seem to be quite popular and available for most trucks because 4x4 folks put them on off road vehicles and then have winches in the receiver. both were pre-drilled and ready to be mounted directly to the frame of my truck and van, and the hardest part was using the included fish wire to snake the mounting bolts through a hole in the frame and into place. on my van it became too difficult (after 2 hrs of trying) and i just took the front bumper off to complete the install. i also had to cut a piece of sheet metal "rock guard" under my truck, but was able to do it with a saws-all.

after mounting the receiver hitch, i got a standard hitch mount motorcycle carrier that easily installs on any receiver hitch. my headlights and blinkers were visible through the carried motorcycle, so i did not do any re-wiring or additional lights yet. the motorcycle blocks the headlights on my van a little, so i plan to mount some fog lights on the motorcycle carrier to have some additional light for the long days when driving home in the dark.

the system works great for me, and was relatively easy to set up. i spent less than $200 on the receiver hitch and $150 on the motorcycle carrier, plus about one afternoon of my time for DIY install. i would think your Tundra has plenty of "capacity" to carry the additional weight up front, i think the added weight would only be an issue on smaller RWD trucks and SUVs. it should generally be ok to do on any truck/SUV you would put a snow plow on - my m/c weighs about 250 lbs +/- so it is probably less than most plows. glad to answer any questions you might have as you start your research. later.

Originally Posted by macklin View Post
Asking how shuttles work is not a dumb question. It is maybe one of the last great problems in drift boating, sometimes takes longer than the float.

But I am verry interested in the frontend hitch mount. I've got an olde Honda Trail110 and would love to use it for that. What did it take to add the hitchmount? Can't tell the make on your truck, mine's an 08 Tundra.
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