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Default Re: Classic Trout is back....

Hey okbow. To compare the CT and Pursuit...

I have and love the CT 763. Then I wanted something for longer casts in a lighter weight rod. I got the CT 863 and found it to be a little too limber for what I was going for. Still a good rod but a very very medium action on the long 3wt. So I bought a Pursuit 480-4 and did not like it. Very fast progressive taper. Felt like a 6wt in the lower half and a 2wt in the upper half. Nice enough at short distances but once you got 35' out, it just seems to fold. I unloaded that one too.

Funny thing is I wound up with a Cabela's 3Forks 480-4. I gotta say it's a really great fishing and casting rod. Maybe it's the length/weight or the kind of fishing I usually do but I end up using this rod more than any other.

edit: I should add that I own, or have owned and fished a number of premium rods as a comparison.

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