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Default Re: New to Spey rods, potentially relocating to Seattle area.

Originally Posted by randyflycaster View Post
I think this article will help. It's based on my research and on my own struggles with spey casting.

Getting Started With Spey Casting

Quickly though, I guess you first have to decide what kind of line you want to cast. With a rod of about 12'6" I'd go with either a Skagit, Rage or Scandi line.

Rods used to cast Scandi lines tend to be tip flex. Rods used to cast Skagit rods tend to me more full flex.

If you're planning on casting a lot of sinking lines and/or heavy flies, I'd go with a Skagit. If you're planning on casting smaller flies mostly on the surface, I'd go with a Scandi. If you want a hybrid of both lines I'd go with a Rage.

Finally, with a 12"6' spey rod I personally would not go with a longer-belly line.


Thanks for the input Randy-

My guess is that for winter steelheading I will be using an eight weight Skagit setup to carry the heavier sink tip and bigger winter flies and the six weight would be more on the Scandi side with full floating line/head smaller streamers and hopefully some dry flies.

I have read that many move toward a shorter rod as they gain experience is this true for both Skagit and Scandi rigs? And from a complete outsider, I would think that a 13'6 would be ideal.

Companies tend to have actions that are on one side or the other. For instance Scott, Winston and Thomas/Thomas seam to be more "full flex" on their single handed rods. Are their spey rods similar and therefore better suited to a Skagit rig? If that is the case, then are Sage and Loomis spey rods lean more toward a Scandi setup?

again, thanks for all the replies!

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