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Default Re: New to Spey rods, potentially relocating to Seattle area.

Originally Posted by russellb View Post
I have read that many move toward a shorter rod as they gain experience is this true for both Skagit and Scandi rigs? And from a complete outsider, I would think that a 13'6 would be ideal.
A 13'6 is a fantastic rod length. I had a deer creek spey which was a fuller flexing rod and it was fantastic. I've had a 12'6 7 weight loomis stinger, which was more mid-to-tip flex and was fantastic as well. I've also has a 14' 9 weight meiser "S" series which was also mid-to-tip, but it was a different feel than the stinger. Also, I've had a Grey GRXI 14' 9 weight and it was more of a fuller flex. I didn't care for it. I now have a 5 weight 12'9 rod, built by steve godshall and I love it. So, it's really all about what you find out you like. I did this the expensive way. I bought a ton of rods until I figured out what I liked...

Originally Posted by russellb View Post
Companies tend to have actions that are on one side or the other. For instance Scott, Winston and Thomas/Thomas seam to be more "full flex" on their single handed rods. Are their spey rods similar and therefore better suited to a Skagit rig? If that is the case, then are Sage and Loomis spey rods lean more toward a Scandi setup?
The rod type does not determine what line-system you put on it. I would call the Scott, Winston rods more of a progressive mid-flex. A Sage one felt more like a progressive as well. The loomis stinger is more like a mid-to-tip flex, but you still have a lot of feel with that rod (at least the 7126 that I had). Every one of those rods will cast any of those lines. I've put scandinavians on my Deer Creek 13'6 and it was wonderful to cast and would shoot the line a mile. However, the Deer Creek was equally as wonderful with a skagit line and a mid-belly as well.

Originally Posted by russellb View Post
I am interested in making good rod purchases from day one, no costly mistakes. From what I have read, I will want a summer rod and a winter rod. I have been told to look at a 12'6 6wt for the summer and a similar length 8wt for the winter.
I don't fish steelhead (going to real soon). But if it were me, and I were trying to save money, I would think that you could go in between both of those weights and get one rod to do it all. Maybe think about a 7 weight? 13-14' range? I'm headed that way myself. When you're in the 13' range you can also toss some mid and long bellies, if you want to have some fun.

Basically, it comes down to what you want to do. I spey fish for catfish on the Missouri (not lately due to financial reasons) and I've thrown Skagit, Scandi, and Mid bellies. I've had to sell my spey rod, but plan on getting it back. The most enjoyable for me was a delta spey multi-tip. I had 12' tips that I could change out to get depth that needed and it had no problem turning over bigger flies. I could change to a floating tip and toss flies under the film. If I were tight to obstructions I could pull some of the head in and cast, or switch spools to the shooting head/running line setup and throw a scandi or skagit. Sorry for rambling. I hope this helps.
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