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Default Re: Double hauling destroys my cast

Originally Posted by silver creek View Post
The most common error in a beginner's double haul is timing. The haul comes later in the casting stroke when the line is going at near maximum speed just before the stop.

The second most common error is that they do not reposition the hauling hand after the haul.

The double hauling motion is a DOWN-UP motion. Beginners get the DOWN part but not the UP part. To perform the second haul, you ned to reposition your hauling hand back up so it can haul again.

The third most common error is that they haul too much line. A longer haul means that it takes longer to reposition the line hand. The longer the DOWN motion, the longer the UP motion must be. So when learning the double haul, use short hauls at first!

The fourth most common error is that they rotate their bodies to bring the hauling hand back up to the rod after backcast cast haul, so they can haul on the forward cast. That changes the rod path and can change the loop. This may be what is happening to you.

So I suggest practicing with short hauls at first to get the timing down. Don't move the hauling hand over longer distances which then take longer to reposition for the next haul. You can gradually increase the hauls when when you are doing the shorter haul correctly.
I have been repositioning my hands on the front and back cast and, my hauls are short 6-8". The timing may be what is getting me as I have been starting the haul almost simultaneously with the casting stroke.
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