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Default Re: Double hauling destroys my cast

Originally Posted by zhaddock View Post
I have been repositioning my hands on the front and back cast and, my hauls are short 6-8". The timing may be what is getting me as I have been starting the haul almost simultaneously with the casting stroke.
A way to find your timing with a double haul is to break the rod in 1/2 and cast with only the top 1/2 of rod. This forces you to haul correctly, or you basically can't cast . I used to do it all the time and it worked really well.

Scratch that -- I will continue doing it. Everyone needs to work on their cast to keep it going smoothly. I believe I'll go out tonight and do the 1/2 rod thing for about 10 minutes -- remind me of my timing.

Just keep at it -- casting gets easier the more you do it, and once you have it boy is fly fishing a joy .
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