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Default Re: Black Nosed Dace ---Need Help

+1 on Charlie's pattern for the dace. Or anything else for that matter.

I learned more from his beginning fly tying book than anything else I've ever done, including tying with the local folks here .

The only even thing close to a criticism I have on his patterns is they are sometimes too perfect and a bit over-the-top for me . I tend to use a lot of his techniques (like plamering buggers front >> back and catching with the rib, etc.) but I boil-down some of the steps and materials to make them simpler.

Charlie is great --

Interesting note: To this day, the biggest fly rod fish I've ever caught was on a #8 black nose dace, tied by me but very, very similar to Charlie's method. I just used an extra silver wire over the tinsel and red yarn instead of his red tail material. I really don't like the red yarn though, I'd prefer his tail over mine.
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