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Default Update Early Fall

OP here with another update!

Over the summer we got the guys together a few times for some fishing (the ones who were around for the summer months), and we got to some awesome free clinics put on by Mike Schultz and crew (shoutout!).

I posted a few videos a week in our Facebook group (which is currently at 33 members) to keep people excited about the upcoming year.

Well now that the new semester has started my partner and I have started our planning for the year. We got a group together to hit the Huron river (a 10 minute walk for most people) the past two weekends. Everyone who went had some success, and some had never even caught a smallmouth bass before.

Yesterday was our (and every other club's) big day. Every club sets up a table area in the middle of campus, and people who are looking for clubs to join walk around and learn about the clubs. It was scorching hot, especially with some of my gear on (and it being one of the hottest days of the summer), but in the two hours my partner and I were out there we gave out 120 flyers. It was amazing that there was some excitement from people who had heard of our club from last year (where we had such a short notice about the first meeting, which also ended up being in the week of finals).

Our first big meeting is planned for tomorrow (Thursday the 12th at 7PM), and we set up a free casting clinic through our very generous and local Ann Arbor Trout Unlimited group. The casting lesson is this Sunday and we already had a few people RSVP for that.

Right now we're planning on getting a trip up to northern Michigan for the king run (PM or Manistee most likely). There's also a Steelhead tournament in early November usually, so we're planning on getting to that as well. Those are our big ideas for the club for now.

A lot of the guys from last year who are really into the club are wanting shirts. If anyone here has some cool design ideas, tips on where to get the shirts or anything of that sort, I'd love to hear them. The same goes for ideas of things to do this year. If you have some ideas, or can even provide a lesson of some sort (we're located in Ann Arbor, planning on having bi-weekly meetings on Thursdays), feel free to post those.

If you want to contact me more directly you can email me at

Thanks for all the support here everyone! Great to see one place that so many fly fisherman can call home (other than the rivers)!
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