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Default Re: Great Lakes Steelhead/Salmon

It's getting that time right now. Usually the weekend before and the one after the 1st of October sees the most fishermen (I say that with tongue in check) along the banks of the Big Manistee just below Tippy Dam. At night you'll see campfires along the shores, snaggers coming out of the woods under the dark of night, fights and brawls break out when people get in the way of hooked (snagged) fish. If God ever created a "hillbilly heaven" it's right here during salmon season!

I've heard that the Salmon coming upstream this year are much bigger than in years past. If you fair hook one and it gets into the current, you better have a stout 10 weight or a really solid spinning rod. I'm headed up this Monday but I'm taking my wife instead because my brother-in-law can't go. I can't launch on the river next to the dam since it's nearly impossible for a one man operation - wife is no help with the swift and shallow shoreline. We'll head down to Manistee Lake where I can put the boat in, tie it up, and park the truck and trailer myself.

It's better than nothing . . .
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