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Default Re: Great Lakes Steelhead/Salmon

Originally Posted by delopez View Post
Now, I've got to get up there. What did you use for gear? I plan on taking a spey. I see that you had a nine weight

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I don't fish a spey rod so I am not sure how it would fit that river. It is not a very wide river and casts were not terribly long.

When I go back I will be sure to bring a big net, a bunch of egg and nymph patterns tied on strong hooks, 12 weight leader, and lots of big split shot (four or five times the bb size I usually use for trout fishing) and/or a sink tip line.

I will probably still bring some streamers to toss to keep myself amused. I think articulated streamers with two hooks are the way to go if your gonna fish streamers.

My 9' 9 weight felt barely adequate. I would not feel compelled to go heavier although I noticed most of the guides fished 10 weights.

Don't forget a big cooler! Good luck.
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