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Default Seeking help with decisions for a fly fishing newbie

I am seeking advice on how I should go about getting started in fly fishing. I have been watching YouTube videos like crazy, reading the "orvis fly fishing guide", and spending all my free time surfing the Internet and reading as much as i can about fly fishing. I feel that I have a pretty solid idea of basic techniques. I've had the opportunity to practice cast with a friends rod and I think I've kinda got the hang of it. Obviously I have a ton of room for improvement, but I think I'm casting well enough to actually get out on the water. I'm at the point where I'm trying to decide between spending my very limited funds on a full day guided trip, a one day class at an orvis school, or if I should spend the money on the best equipment possible and just get out on the water myself. I have about $700 to spend now and I need just about everything. I have some small stuff that crosses over from some spin fishing like nippers, forceps and such, but I need all the major things rod,reel,line,leader,tippet,flies,net,waders etc. I would appreciate some thoughts on what everyone out there would do if they were going to start over again. Thanks!!!!
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