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Default Re: "What do I have to do to catch a fish on a feather fly?"

Originally Posted by fq13 View Post
At the end of the day I just want to catch a damned fish on a fly rod or ultra light and I'll do what I have to to make that happen. So consider me an infidel, most folks do. But I say go out, use whatever makes you happy and catch some fish. I mean pan fish are supposed to be about having fun and filling a frying pan. no need to get serious about them.

+1 I think of fishing the same way you do?

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Originally Posted by pszy22 View Post

To be honest, if I started to fish Gulp, using the same techniques I use to fish my favorite flies, I'm sure my catch rate would plummet. I would have to figure out what I needed to do to make Gulp work,


That's the problem? You really don't have to do anything with the Gulp. You just nose hook a tiny "fish fry" on a size 14 thin wire scud hook ...... and any bluegill, crappie, perch, or bass will hit it as soon as he sees it! No weight, just a slow drop. If deep, I take out my UL spin with a 1/64 oz jig head and the same Gulp fish fry.

When I get tired of catchin' on every single cast, I put a feather fly on and have to "work" the fly several times to get the smallest and most stupid fish to bite it! It's rewarding (in a way) but I realize I would have caught that fish, and many many more if I still had the Gulp on?

I have a high IQ, and I can realize the difference ...... I'm also somewhat obsessed with fly fishing, I tie some killer flies, and this is what makes it difficult for me to leave the Gulp home!

All fishing is good, and I go fishing a awful lot! Just venting a bit!
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