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Default Re: Fly Fishing - Michigan

Originally Posted by pszy22 View Post
As was previously stated, Michigan is a big place with a ton of different opportunities to catch fish on a fly. Your dad is probably within walking distance of a subdivision pond that has bass and blue gills. There is trout fishing in Paint Creek in Rochester. There are steelhead in the Clinton River by Yates Cider Mill. He's close to Lake St. Clair. There are a ton of other lakes very close.

He can be "up north" or "out west" within a 3 hour drive, fishing in renowned trout streams.

Has he fished with you out in CO?

Hi pszy,

Yes, he has fished in CO with me several times now. He lives in Lake Orion and has the ability to fish some of the lakes and small creeks, such as Paint Creek. I guess what he is trying to figure out is what to throw as it doesn't seem that the fly fishing department at Bass Pro or sporting goods in other stores such as Dick's aren't of any real any help. I sent him the link to this forum discussion so that he has the names of same of the shops and outfitters located in MI. His hopes are to reach out to one of them and buy a beginners fly box with a handful of flies that work throughout the state.

Thanks again for all your help!
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