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Default Fl keys trip

just got back from spending a week down in Key West. it was my first time fly fishing salt water. it was so awesome !! i had searched this forum for months trying to gathering whatever information i could find. i had noticed there was a decent amount of people who were searching for the same info. so instead of writing a mini book on the trip, im just going to list what i learned, you'll be able to figure out how it turned out.
1. casting in the wind can be VERY difficult. the wind can and will came from all directions and will blow constantly
2. sight fishing is better on cloudless days, you will struggle to see with overcast and high winds, plus fish hardly tail in that condition
3. fly line can and will get snagged on EVERYTHING, line management is a must
4. guides do not like being hooked. hook yourself and you'll know how it feels
5. the guide can only put you on fish, its all up to you to catch em
6. to impove your chances of catching fish, the fly must land where the fish can easly see it, the fly needs to be infront of thier face
7. ALWAYS be ready to cast. when you get to a spot, first thing you should do is get set up. if not, you will be using the bathroom and miss a school of moving fish. also fish can pop up anywhere, that includes right next to the boat
8. if you hook a tarpon and trout set, they will spit out your fly in less then a second.
9. if the guide tells you to step out of the boat and wade to some tailing fish, get out of the boat as quite as possible. if you jump out, you can scare bone fish even if they are 100 feet away
10. if you dont see tailing fish but do see sharks, cast to the shark, its great practice.

throughout the whole trip i did not catch any fish, but i did hook three tarpon and a amberjack. the guide, on the other hand, caught a red fish while demonstrating some casting techniques, we call it a trail fish HA HA HA
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i am hooked on saltwater now, already planning my next trip back.
"The core of mans spirit comes from new experiences" - C.J. McCandless
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